Pioneer Valley HS


Vol. 3


Panthers Find Their Groove at Welcome Back Dance   08-14-17

Freshman Super Hero Rally Pictures   08-16-17

Sophomore Neon Rally Pictures   08-17-17

Junior Camo Rally Pictures   08-18-17

Senior Rally Luau Pictures   08-21-17

Peppy Panthers Portray Pride in Rally    08-28-17

Tie Dye Day Dazzles but Plaid Prevails    08-30-17

Lunch Time Rally Proves Inspirational Pictures   09-05-17   

Decades Day Developed Pictures    09-06-17

PVHS $200 Raffle Tonight!!!    09-12-17

Noodle Challenge    09-18-17

Music Day Pix    09-19-17

Duo Day Pix   09-20-17

PV Runs Red Pictures    09-22-17

Pre-Game Rally Put Panthers on the Prowl    09-25-17

Fall Sports Rally Pictures   10-06-17

AHC Career Day Pictures    10-09-17

Tourist Day Pictures    10-12-17

Homecoming Finalists Announced    10-16-17

EAOP Goes Awry    10-17-17

The Queen is Crowned Amidst Fallen Conquistadors Pictures    10-23-17

HOCO Dance Culminates with King Crowning Pictures    10-23-17

HOCO Skits: Sophomores Win! Pictures    10-23-17

Panther Band Sweeps Pismo Clam Festival Parade    10-25-17

Panthers Pledge their Support of LGBTQ    10-26-17

PAC at PV Opens for Viewing to Public and Community Leaders    10-26-17

Who Done It?  Panthers' Forensic Team Investigates

Share Club Rally Pie Pics    10-27-17

FFA Halloween Rally & Meme Day    11-01-17

PV's Forensic Team Back on the Case    11-02-17

School of Rock VIP Performance Rivals Hollywood Premiere Pictures    11-03-17



Link Crew Helps Freshman "Stick Together"   08-14-17



The Eclipse   08-22-17

Panthers Safety is IMPORTANT!   08-23-17

Panthers weigh in on Trump/Neo-Nazis   08-25-17

How Do You Feel About DACA?    09-06-17

DACA Survey Results--- Next Survey: Climate Change!    09-08-17

Prepare Yourself for the End    09-08-17

Bred 13s Reviewed    09-12-17

Climate Change Survey Results in --- Next Survey: War with Korea??    09-15-17

Life on Mars?    09-15-17

Canelo vs. GGG    09-15-17

 Santa Marians Jump for Joy    09-19-17

War Survey Results in --- Next Survey: Teachers & Guns    09-22-17

What's Your Opinion?    09-22-17

Trump Tripped Over Treacherous Trails    09-22-17

iPhone 8; Are You In?    09-26-17

Xxxtentacion "17"    09-27-17

Spanish Music    09-28-17

Teachers & Guns Survey Results in --- Next Survey: Is Trump Racist?    09-29-17

Derrick Lee Weeden Gives PV Hopefuls the Scoop    10-03-17

Las Vegas Shooting; How Can This Be    10-04-17

New Survey: Gun Control    10-04-17

Pineapple on Pizza: Pure or Putrid?    10-05-17

Sephora and Ulta @ Santa Maria?    10-06-17

Converse Review    10-06-17

Gun Survey Results: 81% Pro-Gun    10-10-17

Survey: Take a Knee    10-11-17

The Amazing Tei Street    10-12-17

Would You Take a Knee? Survey Results In:    10-16-17

Trump Will Declare Opioid Crisis National Emergency. Survey  10-17-17

Air Jordan XXX2 Bred (Black/Red, Banned, MJ Day)    10-19-17

World Series Survey!    10-24-17

Generation Z?    10-26-17

What’s Your Opinion on these Halloween Looks?    10-27-17

What’s Your Opinion on These Halloween Looks? Guys' Edition    10-30-17

Latest Survey: America?    10-31-17

Portugal The Man Reviewed:    11-02-17



Fashion Killaz    08-14-17

What Are Saturdays For? Just ask Last Year's Seniors   08-14-17

Sasha Joins Brazilian Soccer Team for Summer Games   08-15-17

Last First Day of High School   08-15-17

Riki's Amazing Summer   08-15-17

Seniors Brace for Last Year   08-16-17

Summer Vacation Remembered   08-17-17

Back to School   08-23-17

Girls' Frosh Volleyball, Humble but Hopeful   08-24-17

College is Just Around the Corner for Seniors   08-24-17

If Summer was Only a Little Longer   08-24-17

Girls Varsity Volleyball Vs. SMHS Tomorrow    08-28-17

Water Polo Prepares for Water Wars 08-29-17

Cheerleaders Rock!    09-15-17

Express Yourself    09-18-17

DACA, PVHS, and the President    09-19-17

Panthers VS Saints Friday!    09-20-17

Band Prepares for Washington D.C.    09-20-17

These Spirit Panthers Can't Wait for Tomorrow!    09-21-17

Behind the Scenes    09-25-17

Fall Fashion    09-26-17

Harmonious Homecoming Runners Reach for Royalty    09-26-17

Student Spotlight    09-28-17

Meet the Editor    09-29-17

X-Freshman Share Their Regrets    10-02-17

Pioneer Valley FFA Takes First Place    10-04-17

Panthers of the First Quarter    10-05-17

Friendships    10-09-17

Panthers in Their Feels    10-10-17

What's Your Favorite Song?    10-12-17

Lefties    10-16-17

Justin Walker Touches EVERYONE'S Heart    10-17-17

Homecoming Dresses    10-18-17

HOCO Candidates Tell All    10-19-17

Guys' HOCO Outfits    10-19-17

2018 HOCO Skit Choreographers Revealed    10-20-17

Fall is in the Air    10-20-17

PVHS Homecoming 2017 a Great Success    10-23-17

Panthers Optimistic about Dodgers Win    10-25-17

Boys’ Varsity Soccer Prepares for SPOTLIGHT    10-27-17

What Candy are You Hoping for this Halloween?    10-31-17

Who Do You Look Up To?    10-31-17

What Movie Changed Your Perspective?    11-01-17

Texting vs Calling    11-01-17



PVHS Gets New Football Field & Track   08-16-17

PVHS Hires New Wrestling Coach   08-18-17

Theater Opening Soon with "School of Rock"    09-07-17

Panthers Claim Territory in New Seating Area    09-07-17

PV Freshman Moving Forward with Lenovo Tablets    09-12-17

New Class Soon to be Part of PVHS Curriculum    09-21-17

Derrick Weeden & Fences Coming to PV    09-27-17

More New Teachers & Counselors    10-02-17

Here's Some Tips For Homecoming    10-17-17

Panther Pride Roars at School of Rock Debut    11-02-17



Fridays Football Scrimmage   08-21-17

Junior Varsity Football Scrimmage   08-22-17

Freshman Set the Stage with Big Win Over Nipomo: 27-13   08-25-17

Pioneer Prevails Over Nipomo; 13-10    08-28-17

PV Volleyball Slams Saints X3    08-30-17

PV Girls' Tennis Hosts SMHS Pictures    08-30-17

Panthers Show Tigers Who Rules the Jungle    09-05-17

JV Dominates SLO Pictures    09-05-17

Freshman Show San Marcos the Door    09-05-17

Not Too Early to Consider Softball    09-06-17

Girls' JV Tennis Hosts Mission Prep Pictures    09-06-17 

Varsity Volleyball Hosts Lompoc Pictures    09-07-17

Panthers Swing Big at Cypress Ridge Mini Tournament    09-08-17

Nipomo Titans Sink the Panthers; 2-15 Pictures    09-08-17

PV's JV & Frosh Strike Nights in Third Home Game    09-14-17

Panthers Struggle with Eagles Pictures    09-18-17

Frosh Football Travels to Dos Pueblos Thursday    09-19-17

JV Panthers Feel Eagles' Talons Pictures    09-19-17

Panthers Prepare for Battle Video    09-20-17

Those Panthers Can Run!    09-21-17

Varsity Tennis Hosts Atascadero    09-22-17

Teal Reigns Over Red    09-25-17

And the Teal Reign Began to Flood; JV Wins 49-0 Pictures    09-26-17

Frosh Volleyball Hosts Atascadero Pictures    09-27-17

Frosh Panthers Put Greyhounds on the Run; Win 28-14 Pictures    09-29-17

Varsity Tennis Hosts SLO's Mission Prep Pictures    09-29-17

Milinda Parra Memorial Tournament    10-02-17

Girls' Volleyball Hosts RHS Pictures    10-02-17

Girls' Golf Mini Tourney @ Black Lake Pictures    10-06-17

Girls' Tennis Hosts Paso Robles Pictures    10-09-17

Varsity Football Hosts Lompoc Pictures    10-10-17

Varsity Water Polo Hosts Paso Robles Pictures    10-11-17

Knights Fend off Panthers Pictures    10-16-17

Volleyball Senior Night, AKA Brenda's Night    10-18-17

JV Tennis Hosts Atascadero Pictures    10-18-17

Girls' Golf Season Wrap-Up    10-20-17

PVHS Homecoming Game Celebrates Panthers' Senior Night    10-24-17

Varsity Crushes Conqs Pictures    10-24-17

JV Panthers Set Stage for HOCO Double Win Pictures    10-24-17

Varsity Volleyball Hopeful for Next Season    10-25-17

Game 6 Tonight!    10-31-17

Frosh Panthers Hosts Warriors Pictures    11-03-17



Mrs. Davis's Summer Trip to the United Kingdom   10-18-17

Mr. Feher    09-14-17

New Teachers at PVHS    09-27-17

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Marino    10-11-17



Photography   08-17-17

The Vanishing Girl   08-21-17

Netflix Originals Review   08-22-17

The Beauty Corner #1   08-25-17

Quote of the Week    08-29-17

Netflix Originals Review: Naked    08-29-17

Puppy Tales    08-12-17

Netflix Original Review #RealityHigh    09-14-17

The Beauty Corner #2    09-18-17

Netflix Original Review Jessica Jones    09-21-17

Conspiracy Theory:  Kylie Jenner    10-04-17

Netflix Originals Review Last Chance U    10-05-17

The Beauty Corner    10-11-17

Review: The Wonderful World Over a Rainbow    10-18-17

Netflix Original Review: To the Bone    10-30-17

The Beauty Corner    10-30-17


She Is the Sun   08-16-17

Build Me a Fire   08-23-17

Woman    09-07-17

Bread    09-14-17

Underpaid    09-21-17

Poem A    09-26-17

Love    09-26-17

Flicker Flame    09-28-17

Radicals    10-03-17

A Gift    10-12-17

My Love    11-02-17

Wails from Inner Rage    11-03-17