Pioneer Valley HS

October 19, 2017

Issue 44, Vol. 3


Thurs    19-Oct    4/5/6    FR/JV/V Vball @ Atascadero           
Thurs    19-Oct    4:30    B W Polo vs Righetti (Novice)           
Thurs    19-Oct    3:30    G V Tennis @ Righetti           
Thurs    19-Oct    3:30    G JV Tennis vs Righetti           
Thurs    19-Oct    5:00    FR Fball vs Paso Robles
Fri    20-Oct    4:00    JV Fball vs Cabrillo           
Fri    20-Oct    7:00    V Fball vs Cabrillo           
Fri    20-Oct    TBD    Xcountry @ Clovis Invite
Sat    21-Oct    TBD    JV Leageu Wpolo Tournament @ PVHS

Sports & Activities



Thursday, October 19

Center Stage - lunch - Room 202

FCCLA - lunch - Room 5313

Health and Wellness Club - lunch - Room 605

Homecoming Queen Practice - 6 pm - Room 508


 Friday, October 20

Homecoming Rally Schedule - 4th period - gym


Saturday, October 21

Homecoming Dance - 8 pm - 10:30 pm - gym

Air Jordan XXX2 Bred (Black/Red, Banned, MJ Day)

-Daniel Rodriguez

The Air Jordan 32 High are getting the classic Bred (Banned) treatment that is nicknamed “MJ Day” as a nod to the anniversary of the day, October 18th, when Michael Jordan violated the NBA’s rules on sneakers in 1984. The sneaker’s Air Jordan 2-inspired design features a Fly knit upper covered in black and red hues, as well as ribbed detailing on the heel and collar, branded Wings logo on the tongue and pebbled leather accents. An icy translucent outsole with the date “10:18” displayed on the forefoot completes the theme altogether. Retailing for a price tag of $185, look for the Air Jordan 32 Bred (Banned) at select Jordan Brand stores on October 18th. These new photos give us our best look yet at the upcoming silhouette that is inspired by the Air Jordan 2. This "MJ Day" edition commemorates the anniversary of the NBA's "banning of the Bred Air Jordan 1". And also features a special graphic commemorating the date on the outsole.

"Honestly, I don’t like Jordan's past the Jordan 14s. Just because I don’t like anything about them, anything after the Jordan 14 starts looking funny to me. So, the Jordan 32 is the same thing as anything else from the Jordan 15 to the most recent. The Jordan 32 looks funny and I don’t know anything else to say but they just look funny to me." - Nathaniel Villarreal (12)

"I feel like the High-Top Jordan 32s are not the type of shoes I would wear. I rather prefer the Low-Top Jordan 32s instead because I feel like those are too high for me.  Paying $180 for a new pair of Jordans or any type of sneaker is a good price to pay. But, all I have to say is that they're a really good looking design just for a sneaker. That technology is just meant for playing basketball." -Jaime Ramirez (10)

"I think the Jordan 32 looks okay. I also think they look like a combination of the Jordan retros. What I like about the Jordan 32 are that they have the Original Air Jordan Wing logo on the front of the shoe." - Mr. Bajwa

"Jordan is Jordan, everybody loves Jordan. But those shoes are really ugly. I think those shoes are a rip-off of Yeezys, the original shoes from Nike. But, you know it's Jordan. I'll always be rocking it till the day I die. So, no complaints; I think they are still going to sell well. They are still going have people lined up around the block just to cop them. So, you're going to see me rocking them. -Nate Willis (12)

"I think the Jordan 32s look pretty nice. They got like the Jordan 1s and kind of the Jordan 3s. You know I haven't really seen them in person, but I've seen pictures of them. But I'm pretty sure if I had the money to buy them, I would and I would probably wear them." -Mathew Garcia (12)

HOCO Candidates Tell All

-Lizette Ramirez, Alasaundra Silva, Andrea Meza, Daniel Rodriguez

The reason why I chose to run for homecoming queen was because it has been a dream and a goal of mine for several years now. I want to make my family and myself proud. I want to represent my school positively and be the face to the student bodies. I feel overwhelmed and a bit stressed with all the campaigning however, I am super excited being able to have this opportunity to be a homecoming queen candidate and running for the crown. I feel confident in myself, but we'll see how it goes on Friday. If it doesn’t go as planned I will still feel very proud of myself for completing this goal. -Denise Velasco (12)

"Running for homecoming queen is a really fun experience and I think it should be fun for all the candidates. I feel honored to be running with these girls because I've known them for a lot of my life and I am happy they are running. Homecoming itself is a great event and everyone should at least go to one homecoming during their high school experience; especially their senior year!" -Alina Davila

"I am excited to be running for homecoming king. It's really fun and seeing all my friends supporting me is very uplifting. It's an enjoyable experience and I recommend it for anybody who wants to do it. It doesn't really matter if you win or lose it's all just about having fun." -Daniel Geiger

My favorite high school memory so far has been the SM game this year. It was really cool getting to be part of the jungle and get hyped as the game went on. It seemed as we were going to lose, but I knew that once we rallied up as a school and cheered on our football team, we most definitely were going to win. What makes me a great candidate is that I’m very well-rounded and involved in my school. I take pride in what I do. I enjoy dress up days and school events but I also enjoy planning them even though it can be stressful. This year I’m part of planning Homecoming, and it’s crazy stressful but I think everyone is going to love

it. While being super involved, I’ve also managed to maintain a 3.5 and be Student Body Vice President. Being voted Homecoming King has been on my mind since my freshmen year and I hope everyone Votes Michael (Me) for Homecoming King! -Michael Lainez

My favorite high school memory will always be being able to run for homecoming queen. From the day I heard my name as one of the candidates, I was filled with excitement and knew it would be with me for a long time. I believe I am a great candidate because i get along with others and like to meet knew people. I am always happy and like to spread nothing but good vibes. -Val Ornelas

My favorite high school memory was our senior luau day. It was so much fun dressing up and taking pictures with friends. But it also made me cherish all of my high school memories so much more. That day was filled with excitement and joy because I was able to enjoy it with all of my friends that I've become so close with over the past few years. It was definitely a day I will remember forever. I believe I'm a great homecoming candidate because I've been highly involved the past few years in several clubs, golf, soccer, and have held leadership positions in those. I've also maintained a 4.15 gpa. But above those reasons, I have always showed my school spirit through dress up days and cheering our football team on at the games. I would love to be homecoming queen because I believe I represent the school in a positive way. -Coryn Nodal

My favorite high school memory is the first football game I attended. My freshman year I was in band and I had no idea what to expect for a football game because I was going to be that nerdy person in the stands but it became one of the most memorable moments for me because it resulted in so much pride for my school knowing we had so much school spirit. Back then, the jungle was right next to the band so the games were super fun and very loud. I think I’m a great candidate because I worked really hard to meet new people at this school. I know many candidates in the past tended to stick to giving things out to seniors but my goal with my campaign was to meet as many freshman and sophomores before I left the school in attempt to also make them feel as excited about homecoming and the homecoming game. This was my only chance to really have an excuse to go up to random people and meet them so I took advantage of it 100%. I hope to have brightened a few people’s day at least and made them feel a little more a part of the school. -Laisa Ruiz

"It's something I've always been interested in, And I never thought I would run for something big like this. Running for Homecoming is all about meeting new people and just having a fun while doing it. Also, I felt like I would set a good example as Homecoming King." -Isaac Ortega (12

"At first, I wanted to run for homecoming queen because I wanted to be able to win and say that “I won,” and at first I became discouraged to run because I didn’t think I would even come close to winning, but I woke up one morning and decided I just wanted to have fun with it and I know I’d regret it later on if I didn’t even take the chance. My friends along with my younger sisters friends have been w huge help with campaigning. Although I made everything myself, they’ve helped all week by putting up posters, holding up signs, and handing out candy. I’ve been involved in so many on campus clubs such as ASB, Link Crew, AVID and Cheer, and through those clubs I’ve been able to contribute to our School Community in a positive way. For underclassmen that want to run I would say to keep your doors open and not seclude yourself to interacting with only one group of people. Joining clubs and making relationships with new people is a great way to become more involved and the more involved you are the more people will want to help you campaign!" -Ashley Guttirez

Trump Will Declare Opioid Crisis National Emergency

The opioid epidemic or opioid crisis is the rapid increase in the use of prescription and non-prescription opioid drugs in the United States and Canada in the 2010s. According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, "overdose deaths, particularly from prescription drugs and heroin, have reached epidemic levels."

(Taken from Wikipedia)

Have you been affected by the opioid epidemic? Take our survey and let our readers know.

Guys' HOCO Outfits

-Jacklyn Cruz & Selen Arechiga

"Before Homecoming, my date and I are probably going to go get something to eat. I'm going to wear a black shirt and pants a white tie and white suspenders. I got my outfit from multiple places, Kohl's, Macys and, places like that." -Chris (12)

"For Homecoming, I'm going with my date Diana. We will probably go get something to eat before we go. I'm going to wear black pants with black shoes and a navy-blue dress shirt. I also am going to wear a black bow tie and suspenders." -Carlos Ruelas (11)

"For homecoming, I'm going to be wearing all black with no suspenders. I also am going to wear a red bow tie. I rented my outfit from Casa Blanca for $96. Before the dance, I'm going to take my date to Applebee's." -Ruben Rodriguez (11)

"For Homecoming, I'm going to wear black suspenders, a purple bow tie, a black vest, and dress shoes. My date and I decided to go with the color purple. In total, my outfit costed around 300 dollars. I am going with Marissa and with a group of friends. We are probably going to get something to eat somewhere before we go." -Eddie Lucio (12)

"Before Homecoming, I'll probably just chill at home and order some pizza, watch some movies, then get ready. My outfit is going to be all blacked out with a navy-blue tie. My shoes are going to be matte black. I got my outfit from Casa Blanca, and it was pretty expensive." -Juan (12)

"Before Homecoming, we'll probably go eat somewhere, then hang out for a bit. I'm going to wear a Black tuxedo with a red tie and suspenders. I'm going to wear some nice Calvin Klein shoes. I got most of my outfit online from Tommy Hilfiger." -Jairo Rojas (11)

My favorite high school memory would just be any memories I have with my friends, seeing as how I try to make the most of high school and each memory better than the last, it never stays consistent... And I'm a great Candidate because I'm amazing in my own way. Don't get me wrong, the other candidates are great too, we all have our own perks, but I feel that I bring more to the table than any lone candidate seeing as how I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. Not only that, but I couldn't be a great candidate without great friends to help prop me up. -Joseph Bareno

My favorite high school memory would just be any memories I have with my friends, seeing as how I try to make the most of high school and each memory better than the last, it never stays consistent... And I'm a great Candidate because I'm amazing in my own way. Don't get me wrong, the other candidates are great too, we all have our own perks, but I feel that I bring more to the table than any lone candidate seeing as how I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. Not only that, but I couldn't be a great candidate without great friends to help prop me up. -Joseph Bareno