Pioneer Valley HS

October 20, 2017

Issue 45, Vol. 3


Fri    20-Oct    4:00    JV Fball vs Cabrillo           
Fri    20-Oct    7:00    V Fball vs Cabrillo           
Fri    20-Oct    TBD    Xcountry @ Clovis Invite
Sat    21-Oct    TBD    JV Leageu Wpolo Tournament @ PVHS

Sports & Activities



Friday, October 20

Homecoming Rally Schedule - 4th period - gym


Saturday, October 21

Homecoming Dance - 8 pm - 10:30 pm - gym

Fall is in the Air

-Lizette Ramirez

All of our three favorite months are here October, November, and December. October represents that fall is finally here! November represent that were towards the end of autumn and the beginning of winter is on its way. Lastly, all of our favorite time of month December which represents winter. I personally love December only because I'm Mexican and we celebrate so many traditions during December.

"December is by far my favorite month because there's so much going on. My birthday, Christmas and then New Year's Eve are all in December. The weather in December is cold and makes me crave hot chocolate. My least favorite month is October because there isn't much going on besides Halloween."  -Fatima Ortega (9)

"My favorite time of month is October because it's my birthday month and also it's my favorite time of the year. I love the smell of fall scents. [I also love] fall outfits and mostly picking pumpkins at Alivia barn. My least favorite is November because it’s the month that we gain more weight since it's Thanksgiving. I love to spend time with my family but I don’t like gaining weight." - Josalyn Villa (12)

"My favorite month is December because we don’t have school and we get time off to spend it with our families. I also like December because of Christmas. My least favorite is October because there's really nothing going on or nothing to do other than the holiday Halloween. Plus, we don't get school off for that holiday." -April Valdez (11)

"My favorite time of month is October because that’s when fall starts and it starts to get cold little by little. Also, that’s when Halloween comes in which is one of my favorite holidays. My least favorite is November because there's nothing much going on besides Thanksgiving and it gets boring staying at home when we have Thanksgiving break." -Italia Lua (11)

What is your favorite time of month October, November, or December and why? Which is your less favorite and why?

"My favorite time of month is December because I get to spend time with my family. We have a good time and we make unforgettable memories. November is my least favorite because my brothers and sisters go to their mother-in-law's house for thanksgiving instead of our house." - Gabriel Vargas (11)

2018 HOCO Skit Choreographers Revealed

-Andrea Meza

Homecoming skits are a fun way to show students what the theme of homecoming is. This year of 2017, our homecoming theme is Beauty and the Beast. The choreographers of the class of 2018 homecoming skits were asked:

Do you find dancing easy for you? Do you like to do dance? How long did the dance you choreographed take you to make up? How do you think your peers will do in the homecoming skits?

"Honestly, I do find dancing easy. And yes, I find dancing fun and I thinks it’s dope. It took me at least like half an hour to choreograph the dances I made. I think with a little more practice, they’ll do just fine. -Angel Garcia (12)

"I don’t find dancing that easy. It does take some time for me to learn the dances and get them right. I love dancing. When I dance, I dance like no one is watching and I can just express myself. The dance I choreographed took me about a day and a half to make. I know my peers will do fantastic in the skit, as long as they tried their best and we’re having fun." -Jenessa MiQuarter (12)

"Dancing has always been something I liked to do and it’s become my second nature. And I’ve really grown to love dancing. I choreographed 3 dances and it took me about 15 minutes for each one and then perfect it. I think everyone looks really good and I’m excited to see them perform because they’ve been working hard." -Savannah Smith (12)

"I find dancing easy for me because I have danced for ten years of my life. I like to dance especially at parties. The dances I choreographed took about two days because I have to mentally think it up before physically trying anything. I believe my peers will do amazing because of all the hard work we put in for the skit." -Kameron Ybarra (12)

Opioid Crisis Survey Results

This past week the PT’s ran a survey asking our readers how the opioid epidemic has touched them. The overwhelming response with 80% said it didn't affect them at all.

It was declared that the opioid crisis is a national emergency for America. If you've ever had serious dental work done then you've been prescribed some form of it. Oxycodone, OxyContin, Percocet, hydrocodone, Vicodin, fentanyl are example of opioids. People first start using them as a prescription and then later need higher dosage of it because their bodies get used the amount. In some cases this can lead to an overdose and even death.  In recent years the death toll from opioids have gone up. Stay cautious of what is prescribed to you.

-Alasaundra Silva

Girls' Golf Season Wrap-Up

-Andrea Meza

I have been playing golf for two years. I felt excited to play at today's finals! I love playing so to be able to play one last time was a rush of emotions. It's crazy knowing I won't see my golf buds from other schools again. My favorite memory during a game was definitely playing with Kenzie & Sophie from St Joes. They were so much fun. I'll never forget the awesome jokes that were told and hilarious comments! My favorite memory with the team is every moment when the team was together in the van singing our lungs out or cracking jokes. -Yadira (12)

The 2017 golf season has come to an end. Some of the lady panthers played at League Finals at chalk Mountain in Atascadero, here are some of the questions they answered:

How long have you played golf? How did it feel to play in the finals today? What's your best memory from a golf season?

I’ve played golf for 2 years so starting my junior year, I was actually dreading playing today because it was an 18 holes but it wasn’t bad, I scored a 128 tying for medalist with Aliyah. My best memory from the season was probably going on the weekend and playing golf with Mitzy. -Evelyn Cuevas (12)

This was my second year playing on the golf team and my last. Today was our last tournament and I had such a fun time. I played with three other girls from Arroyo Grande, Atascadero, and St. Joseph. It was a long day but we were having a good time. My favorite memory was driving back from a tournament and singing our hearts out in the van with Coach Guzman to Beyoncé.

-Mitzi Zacarias (12)

I've played golf for 2 years now. It felt exhausting but I feel accomplished because I persevered it. My best memory is bonding with my teammates and the other teams.

-Sophia Garcia (12)

Do you think your players improved throughout the season? How did you feel about coaching girls golf before and after the season? How do you think the 6 young ladies did at the final tournament of this season?

I feel that the girls improved greatly over the course of the season.  They worked very hard and that showed during the matches and practice rounds. I was excited to have the

This is my first season ever playing golf. It was fun, tiring and sad. It was fun because the girls I played with are so funny and have different personalities. It’s 18 holes of just walking it’s gonna be tiring. I’m sad to see all the 10 seniors go. The best memory was when I got by a wasp and for a week I had a kankle and was getting fun of. And still do until this moment. -Aliyah Peinado

opportunity to coach girls golf.  I helped the late Coach Neil Reed for a season previously and very much enjoyed it, so when the opportunity became available I was more than willing. Now that the season is completed I wish the season was longer.  The 8 weeks flew by so quick and I feel the girls were starting to play some of their best golf and it's sad that it has to end. I feel the 6 that played yesterday did well.  For all 6 it was either the first time playing a competitive 18 holes or they haven't played 18 holes competitively since last season (we only play 9 holes during our matches).   Some fatigue set in on the back 9 but they stayed positive and finished strong. -Coach Guzman