Pioneer Valley HS

October 3, 2017

Issue 33, Vol. 3


Tues    3-Oct    3:30    V G Tennis @ SJHS           
Tues    3-Oct    3:30    JV G Tennis vs SJHS           
Tues    3-Oct    2:30    G Golf @ Cypress RIdge           
Tues    3-Oct    4/5/6    G F/JV/V Vball vs M Prep           
Tues    3-Oct    4:30    Wpolo @ Arroyo Grande
Thurs    5-Oct    4:00    FR Fball @ Lompoc           
Thurs    5-Oct    4/5/6    G F/JV/V Vball @ SJHS           
Thurs    5-Oct    2:00    Mini Tourney @ Black Lake           
Thurs    5-Oct    3:30    G V Tennis vs Paso Robles           
Thurs    5-Oct    3:30    G JV Tennis @ Paso Robles
Fri    6-Oct    4:00    JV Fball vs Lompoc           
Fri    6-Oct    7:00    V Fball vs Lompoc           
Fri-Sat    Oct 6-7    2:30    Wpolo @ AG Tourney
Sat    7-Oct    TBD    PVHS JV GVBall Tourney

Sports & Activities



Tuesday, October 3


PV Smash - Lunch - Room 611

BSU - lunch - Room 603

Health and Wellness Club - lunch - Room 605


Wednesday, October 4


FCA - lunch - Room 555

GLO Club - lunch - Room 551/552

Club Salsa Caliente - Lunch - Room 603

FBLA - Lunch - Room 431


Thursday, October 5


Center Stage - lunch - Room 202

FCCLA - lunch - Room 5313

Athletic teams rally - Lunch - Amphitheater


Friday, October 6

All School Rally - schedule is on the website

Derrick Lee Weeden Gives PV Hopefuls the Scoop

What does it mean to you that a professional actor came to talk to students interested in that career?

This past Friday the drama department was pleased to have Derrick Lee Weeden, a professional theater actor, come and share his experiences with the students. Weeden has been in numerous plays around the country; mostly classical works and tragedy based plays. He's been preforming for 25+ years and definitely knows his craft. I'm sure many of the students appreciated his advice and intel on theater life.

"Seeing that a big time actor can come to this small town school and really make an impact on kids who have a bigger dream for themselves means a lot."

-Nathen Padilla (10)

"It's really important to me because I want to become an actress one day. It's one of my major goals in life so to have him come to this school really is inspiring."

-Cleo Garcia (12)

"It makes me feel as though this drama depart- ment is professional and recognized in a way. It's really inspiring."

-Robert Zarate (10)

"I think with him coming here really helps me discover 'oh my gosh do I want to be an actor? Do I just want to do tech?'.I think since we have this availability with the conservatory (PCPA) being right there it gives us a lot more opportunities than most."

-Ivy Hatter (11)


-Zander Moreno

women preying 

on other women,

for the shame,

for the man that

spoke sunflowers 

into their palms and 

beat clay into 



who folded napkins

of tobacco filled

greed into every

pocket of her jeans,

sewed it in the seams.

he was forgiven for 

his mistaken insults, 

for the syllables that 

blathered hate, that 

drained like clogged

arteries inside of a 

dysfunctional man.

he acted like an unpaid

tax, badgering a festering

boil of a single 

mother that knew

too many good

men to have them

as role models.

Survey: Is Trump Racist?

Weigh in on this week's topic: Is the President Racist?

Conspiracy Theory:  Kylie Jenner

-Domonic Ponce

Kylie Jenner, one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the world, has a net worth of $20 million. According to the media and TMZ, Kylie is expected to welcome her first child, a daughter, from Travis Scott (left) in February 2018, at the age of 20. This week I got peoples opinion on if they think Kylie is really pregnant.

"I honestly could not care less if she's pregnant because she's just irrelevant and attention hungry and I think the whole pregnancy is just to increase her publicity level." - Zury Martinez (12)

"I don’t think Kylie Jenner is pregnant because she's way to skinny to be pregnant and it seems a little sketchy. I just think this news of her being pregnant is just for publicity and a way for her to get more money."

-Samantha Villalobos (11)

"My thoughts on Kylie Jenner might being pregnant is that I'm not worried for her because she has everything all figured. So having a kid will be no trouble for her money wise. The Devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder, which means they always find a way to be more famous." - Liz Estrada (11)

"My thoughts on Kylie is that she is not pregnant and it's simply a publicity stunt and if she is in fact 'Pregnant' it is Tyga's baby."

-Genessa Garcia (11)

"Kylie and Travis have a thing going on, I don’t know if it's real or it's really just rumors but they should be able to be with each other without social media having it blown across every news feed as a huge scandal. It's possible Kim is having her youngest sister Kylie be her surrogate, because she is the youngest in her family and the healthiest, but we never know her reasons as to why. Kris Jenner is probably considering everything that is happening to her and her family isn't making it into as big of a scandal as it is since she has been in the public eye for quite some time and knows how these type of situations work. Tyga has been living his life without Kylie and has probably already moved on I'm not sure what Tyga is thinking but I'm sure he knows how these things work" - Kathy Manzano (12)

"I believe Kylie Jenner isn't pregnant because the Kardashian's are attention seekers, if Kylie were pregnant the whole world would know by now. They make every little thing a big deal so they can earn money and Kylie hasn't said anything about her 'Pregnancy' so these are just RUMORS!!!!!" - Ana Banuelos (11)

"No I don’t think Kylie Jenner is pregnant, and no I don’t think she is Kim's surrogate. I think Kylie is lying about her pregnancy and I feel like she is just trying to promote her show "Life of Kylie" and later on is going to say she had a miscarriage. I think Kylie is to young and in my opinion her and Travis Scott are not good together. They've only been

dating 5 months and I mean they only got together right after her and Tyga broke up. Yes Tyga is jealous but he shouldn't care because aren't together anymore. I'm not sure how Kris Jenner is feeling but if I were her I wouldn't be okay with any of the stuff that's going on. Kylie is just spoiled and I DISLIKE HER." - Angelina Candelario (12)

"It felt really rare. We had a great opportunity of having some big actor come to our school and give us advice. Having him talk to us and give us his info was really interesting because it's a perspective we don't really get other people." -Nick Equihua

-Alasaundra Silva