Pioneer Valley HS

November 14, 2017

Issue 60, Vol. 3

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Sports & Activities



Monday, November 13

Key Club - lunch - library


 Tuesday, November 14

 PV Smash - Lunch - Room 611

BSU - lunch - Room 603

Student Advisory Panel meeting - lunch - 500s


 Wednesday, November 15

 FCA - lunch - Room 555

 Club Salsa Caliente - Lunch - Room 603

PV Trailblazers Club - L:unch - Room 211

GSA - lunch - Room 214

Freshman Krispy Kreme money due by 3 pm 


  Thursday, November 16

Center Stage - lunch - Room 202

FCCLA - lunch - Room 5313

GLO Club - lunch - 551/552

Health and Wellness Club - lunch - Room 605

UNICEF Club - lunch - Room 214


Friday, November 17

Krispy Kreme delivery

Survey: Low top Vs. High top Vans

Vans have been one of the biggest shoe brands besides Converse, Nike and Jordan brand.  Vans have been around since 1966. Vans has been mostly part of the Skater movement and has been created from the Van Brothers. The brother's names were Paul Van Doren, James Van Doren, Gordon C Lee, and Serge D'Elia opened the first Vans store under the name The Van Doren Rubber Company in Anaheim, California. One of the reason why Vans is famous is because of their term, Off the Wall. Off the wall was a saying that the skaters back in the mid 70's used to say when riding pools. They were coming Off the Wall! So, Vans' first official skateboarding shoe was on March 18th 1976 and had the Off the Wall newly created logo on it. The skaters were allowed to customize their shoes in any color. The original version of the Vans skateboard logo was designed in Costa Mesa, California in the 1970s by Mark Van Doren at the age of 13.  The son of then President- and co-owner James Van Doren, Mark designed the logo as a stencil to be spray painted on his skateboards.  Initially introduced for the heel tab on an early Vans’ skateboard shoe, the Style 95, this original Vans skateboard logo is an important part of Vans history." In 1988, Paul Van Doren and Gordon C Lee sold the Vans company to the banking firm McCown De Leeuw & Co. for US$74.4 million. In 1989, many manufacturers of counterfeit Vans shoes were apprehended by the US and Mexican officials and ordered to cease production. In 2004, Vans announced it would merge into North Carolina based VF Corporation.

Should We Fear North Korea? NO!

-Karen Gonzalez

After multiple threats and nuclear tests conducted by North Korea, the United States has broken out into a small panic. These concerning matters make us wonder if we should be afraid of North Korea or not. I feel we should not be afraid of North Korea’s meaningless threats.

North Korea has previously made countless threats over the years and still has not acted upon any of them. Ever since 1994, their neighboring country of South Korea has been a victim to many of these verbal attacks and have since feared the Northern country. North Korea has also been testing missiles, six over the past few years have been reported, in hopes of one day using them on America, or any other enemy country, to prove what they are capable of.


North Korea simply couldn’t win the fight against the United States of America if they were to come through with their threats, simply because their country is dying. Literally. Kim Jong Un would be destroying his own people by going into a war. 70% of his 25 million people are labeled as malnourished. His soldiers can not go into combat while battling famine at the same time. Their leader is slowly starving everyone by using the country’s money on nuclear testing instead of food.


The back and forth war of words going on between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un is simply just talk. North Korea is fully aware that they would not only face America, but South Korea and Japan, too. Their only ally, China, has promised to aid North Korea if America attacks first. Unfortunately for North Korea, if they were to attack first, then they’re on their own. For now, China is observing and trying to keep the two countries at a neutral standpoint.


Some may argue that North Korea could really attack us with their missiles. They’ve been getting nearer to their target each time. However, North Korea’s government isn’t suicidal. Kim Jong Un knows that his country and resources aren’t capable of overthrowing another country, especially one with a huge military. North Korea also has outdated weapons that would be no match for America’s weapons. So why would Kim Jong Un want to get rid of his power by ruining his regime? He will never attack.


We shouldn’t be afraid of North Korea. Instead, we should be trying to keep peace among us. There’s no point in throwing insults at one another if no one’s going to come through with their threat. The U.S. and North Korea should stop scaring each other’s innocent civilians.

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Original Movies or Remakes?

Original movies can have amazing ideas and stories but can be ruined by poor casting, bad directing, and more things. Remakes however have the added benefit of correcting the mistakes of its predecessor.

Casting is a strong positive in remakes. In 2017’s “IT” remake we were introduced to a brand-new cast. Bill Skarsgard plays Pennywise the clown. His portrayal of the clown brings new life into the story. Also getting a great cast is “The Losers’ Club” such as Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things.

Directing is a big part for remakes. It makes the difference if the movie comes out good or awful. 2017’s “Power Rangers” takes a different approach from its 1995 counterpart. It's a more serious, realistic film One of the rangers is homosexual, another one’s love interest is battling illness. Bullying is also a theme tackled by the cast. This results in the movie reaching out to a wider audience than its original, which mainly focused on children.

-Daniel Medina

Many would disagree, saying that remakes can ruin an entire franchise. One might bring up movies such as 2010’s “The Karate Kid”. The movie completely changed everything such as the setting with the original taking place in California and the remake being set in China.


However, not all movies disregard their predecessors. Both “It” and the “Power Rangers” stay true to their source material. Both movies earned back their budgets and made a large profit. The two movies are also deserving of sequels.


Anyone who enjoys movies should always give a remake a chance.

A Turkey Speaks


 I have never understood

 why anyone would

 roast the turkey

 and shuck the clams

 and crisp the croutons

 and shell the peas

 and candy the sweets

 and compote the cranberries

 and bake the pies

 and clear the table

 and wash the dishes

 and fall into bed

 when they could sit back

 and enjoy a hamburger.


-Diana Valenzuela Garcia