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November 8, 2017

Issue 58, Vol. 3

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Sports & Activities



Wednesday, November 8

 FCA - lunch - Room 555

GLO Club - lunch - Room 551/552

Club Salsa Caliente - Lunch - Room 603


  Thursday, November 9

Center Stage - lunch - Room 202

FCCLA - lunch - Room 5313

Health and Wellness Club - lunch - Room 605

School of Rock - PAC - 7 pm


Friday, November 10


School of Rock - PAC - 7 pm


Saturday, November 11

School of Rock - PAC - 7 pm

Get Ready for Kindness Week

Next week, Student Council will be hosting Kindness Week.  This week is designed to bring awareness to the problems of bullying, and depression among teenagers, and how kindness can help to solve those issues.


Monday through Thursday, there will be photo booths set up around campus.  They will consist of a table where students can go pick up some photo frames with positive messages - and take pictures with their friends.  They will then post these pictures on Instagram, and every day one will be randomly chosen.  Those chosen will be reposted and the students in the picture will receive a prize.  We would like to encourage staff members to do this, also.  Grab your favorite student, or colleague, and head out to one of the tables to take your pictures.


On Friday, there will be a rally in the amphitheater, where we will focus on the effects of depression among teenagers.  During the rally, student council members will read letters, written anonymously by students on campus, outlining the way depression has affected them.  The letters will be unsigned, but the crowd will be told that these are letters written by their peers and staff members on campus.  If you, or your students, would like to contribute a letter, please put it in Ms. Walters' mailbox by next Tuesday at 3, so that it can be included.  We will not have time to read all the letters, but the ones not read will be typed up and placed on the back wall of the amphitheater so passerby's can read them.  Once again - it is all anonymous.

We are also going to be wearing different colors throughout the week, to show our support (this is NOT a "dress up" week - students will only be encouraged to wear different colored clothing):

Monday - red

Tuesday - white

Wednesday - pink

Thursday - orange

Friday - yellow


"Over the past years we've witnessed many teenage suicides. Society has so many expectations on the way we should all look. Many teens have been brainwashed to look a certain way to fit into these "popular" groups. Truth is, as repetitive as it sounds, everybody is different. Nobody in this world is the same. Bullying is not just about pushing someone or picking on them. Bullying is also using hurtful words to make someone feel worthless, fat, or bad about themselves. Cyberbullying is another way people get bullied and that happens on social media. People need to watch what they say because they don't know how much it can affect another person.

We need to stop bullying now before it is too late. The reason student council is having a kindness week is to let students know how much they are worth. We want students to know how much a person's word can affect someone. We want to help spread the word on bullying. We want to spread positive messages out to students to help them out and let them know they are not alone. If there is anyone out there that is going through something just know you need to get help. There are so many people out there that love and care about you.  There are people that want to help you get through your situation. Just know you are NOT alone."

-Elizabeth Morales (12)

Behind the Scenes of PV's School of Rock, Part 2

-Alasaundra Silva

School of Rock is a huge production and has a lot of people working on it. Here are some of the people making it all happen:


Q: What's it like being the lead in the show? Is there any drama in drama? This show has been almost a year in the making any input on that? Any stories?

A: "It's a lot of pressure but it's very fun and it's worth it. It's so worth it. It's incredible. There's no drama. I know certain people like certain people in the cast. There might be a few relationships spawning. There's no drama we all love each other. We were doing a prayer circle and I had to go because we got called and I didn't get to have my turn but they were like before you go do your prayer. So, what I said was it's been a pleasure watching all the freshman last year that are now sophomores grow up. I started tearing up. I love everyone in the cast for different reasons and it's incredible to have that many relationships that are that close. At the Gala, which was our big opening show, well we have this gag with E = mc2 and I was supposed to flip the white board and E = mc2 is supposed to be there. Well what the prop girls did was they wrote it on white board as their supposed to do but when I flipped it well it was upside down.  So, what I did well during the scene I'm supposed to have a British accent and I have glasses on and what I said was 'Children avert your gaze like so' as I bent over and tilted my head. It was so funny. It's called improv." -Daniel Geiger (12)

Q: Who do you play? What's it like being a part of the cast?

A: " I'm a student and a part of the ensemble. It's really fun. You get to meet new people and I'm glad that I joined School of Rock. I got to make new friends. I never thought that I'd be an outgoing person and be comfortable on stage. This really helped me to get out of my shell. We've grown so much together as a cast and it really is like a huge family. I appreciate everyone so much." -Yazira Villalapano (11)

Q: What do you do in the play? What's it like being a part of a big production and a big cast? Any stories?

A: "I play Lawrence and he's the kid who plays the piano. At first it was really nerve racking because this is my first play and it's such a historical moment. Well Briana nearly cut my head off at one performance. It wasn't planned. There are a lot of things that happen unexpectedly. We just cover it up and hope for the best. It usually comes out hysterical. " -Jedidiah Jimenez (10)

Q: What's it like being a part of such a big cast?  This show has been almost a year in the making any input on that?

 A: "It's amazing. It's like being a part of a giant family. I love how open they are about literally everything. Everyone is comfortable with each other and very affectionate. It's interesting because I started this my freshman year and I thought this would be my second play in my freshman year. Doing it into my sophomore year I feel like it gives me more experience and I was able to grow more in drama." -Aislinn Mase (10)

Q: What's it like being a part of the cast? Any stories?

A: "It's interesting getting to know everyone. Especially this play where you've spent almost a year with these people because of theater delays. You've had people come in and out of this show, like the seniors who graduated, and it's sad that they left but the people who came in they're just as good if not better. There were a few of us backstage playing this game. I don't want to call it thigh wars but it's basically arm wrestling with your legs. It was the funniest yet most difficult thing to partake in." -Roger Olds (10)

It all starts with actions and words to start bullying someone that has done no harm to you but just live their life and do what they have to do. No one deserves to be treated the way they are being treated because of their race, their sexuality preferences, or by the way they look or dress. Many people in this world have been bullied by someone or they are the bullies. When someone becomes the bully, they do it to become a strong person or for them to get liked by someone.

Bullying Suicide: According to the CDC suicide is the third leading cause of death of youth between the ages of 10 and 24. It results in approximately 4,400 lives lost each year. Deaths from youth suicides are only part of the problem. Bullying is the use of superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants. Bullying isn't right and it needs to stop. Many lives have been taken because of this issue and it needs to end now. For many people they take bullying as a joke and they do it even more and more until they get the victim to take higher circumstances. Many people know that bullying isn't ok and it needs to end but they don’t speak up for that person and they start wishing that they helped that person until it's too late.

There are many people that are willing to help in this situation that are adults and are willing to stop this bullying. If you're getting bullied there's teachers on campus that are here to help you and stop this. Don’t be scared to go get help you will be protected by the teachers if you go and speak up. Many victims don’t speak up because they are threatened by the bully if they do. But don’t be scared to speak up if you're brave enough to speak up probably more victims will start speaking up and this will end.


We need to join together and stop this bulling. It's not ok everyone takes it as a game but it's not. That game goes from putting the victim down to getting the victim do to things for them, for example they get the victim to do their homework, give them food, give them money, etc. And the list goes on and on. We need to join arms and stop this. If you speak up and tell someone you're getting bullied the bully can get suspended, an expulsion, or even worse.

I believe that bullying isn't ok and it needs to stop. I've seen many lives get put in danger because of this situation. If I could I would help everyone that is getting bullied but not everyone wants to speak up and they stay quiet because they don’t want nothing happening to them. Me myself I know how they feel and I know that speaking up can cause major consequences. But if we speak up it pays off and we get the help that is needed.

I know how bullying feels, I've been bullied since elementary and still continue to get bullied but there's a part to all this, all those name callings and pushes etc. They have made me stronger and it has given me strength to show all those people that think of themselves as popular or cool because they are bullying someone, that they are cowards and do this just because someone else bullies them so they bully someone else.

This needs to end know and it has to stop in all the schools for once and forever. You're not alone, if you have a feeling that you need to take away your life, then get help and call suicide intervention, they will help you and so will your teachers and counselors. -Diana Valenzuela Garcia

Bullying Needs to End

"I think bullying shows that the person is a jerk and they do it so other people will like them which is kind of dumb because no one is going to like you because you're being a bully. I hate people that are bullies and I will hate them forever. Because of this many innocent people have taken their lives and its sad how no one helps them out. If I saw bullying I would stop it and lend that person a hand and tell them, they don’t stand alone in this and I will help them get through this" -Annayacy Flores (12)

“I think that bullying is just something that needs to stop it’s honestly disgusting and it has become something that gets people to kill themselves which isn’t even cool. There have been many awesome lives that lived in this planet that have killed themselves because of bullying. Just like the girl from Righetti she killed herself because of bullying. If someone would’ve helped her and told her, hey I’m here to help you I’m here to stand up and not let no one bully you, but no they didn’t help her and they kept it going till she killed herself. Don’t wait to help someone till it’s too late and that person isn’t here anymore. Someone’s life matters and it matters to many people so don’t be dumb and bully someone because of how they look or how they dress or even worse because of their sexual preferences. If I saw bullying I would stop it and I would help that person. They aren’t alone, I would lend a hand or a shoulder to cry on” -Erik Flores (9th)

“Bullying is just disgusting to me it makes me sick to my stomach and it’s a way of showing that person does everything for fame so someone can like him or her or so they can get accepted in the group. Bullying is just like joining a gang. If you want to be part of a gang they make you do something you don’t want to do and bullying is just like that. The person who is the bully bullies an innocent person just to be part of the popular group. This needs to end now and it needs to be a major thing in schools. If someone gets bullied they tell the teacher but all the teacher does is talk to that person and that talk converts into another talk. It’s no use at all because bullying still keeps on going. If there was a group of people to stop this bullying or for them to stand up to someone that is getting bullied, then the person who is the bully will most likely stop bullying that person because they see that the victim isn’t alone. If there was something like that at every school there would be many lives getting saved and people living the life how they want. If I saw bullying I would stand up to it and help that person.”

-Junior Garcia (10th)

This Week's Survey: Bullying

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