Pioneer Valley HS

November 16, 2017

Issue 62, Vol. 3

She Only Wanted to Be Happy

Words Words

 Ugly and fat

 The girl runs away

 she slams the door

 she takes a knife

 and cuts her skin

 remembering how screwed up her life has been

 she leans to the toilet

 throws up to be thin

 at school all she has is a grin

 She cuts cuts cuts some more

 Screaming in pain, blood on the floor

 People call her emo people laugh at her face

 But they haven't even tried to be in her place

 Her dad just died, her mom has depression

 her brother has to go through a therapy session

 Why can't people see? that grin is a lie

 everything's done for her, her life's slowly fading by

 Bloods dripping on the floor, she's screaming in pain

 she can't eat because that means more weight to gain

 She wishes to be perfect she says it's not fair

 she says she hears people talking about her hair

 She cuts it all off, her soul has been broken

 but she never told anyone, her words were never spoken

 She takes the rope, hangs herself in the dark

 She no longer has a beating heart

 Her friends fall to the ground

 when they hear the word "She's dead"

 Her brother cries as he sleeps in her bed

 She is gone

 She is done

 Just because of people. making fun.

 She's buried on a Saturday,

 people start crying

 all because that one girl stopped trying.

so, before judging someone on their weight or their clothes

 their laugh their talk their hair or their nose

 Just take a moment to realize and see

 Everyone is not always who they seem to be.


By: Diana Valenzuela Garcia

Black Friday Looms

-Lizette Ramirez & Jackie Cruz

Black Friday is November 24, 2017, the day after Thanksgiving. It's one of the busiest shopping days of the year because we know Christmas is right around the corner. It is one of the craziest days because people push and shove other people to get to the certain product they want. Shopping for Christmas presents is also one of the popular things to do on Black Friday. Many stores have special offers and lower their prices on some goods, such as toys, clothing, shoes and, other stuff.

"For black Friday I'm planning to go to the mall. They have really good deals. For example, Macy's has a good discount on teen's clothing. Bath and Bodyworks had good deals as well. They sometimes have buy 3 get 3 free. I, personally, think that's a great so you can give the free ones away."  -Luz (9)

"I hardly go out. But, if I were to go out for black Friday I would go to like Target or Walmart. I would go to both of them because I want new video games to be able to play." -Faustino Santiago (10)

"For black Friday I'm planning to go to Walmart. I'm going to buy myself a new TV and new video games. I'm also planning to arrive early to get good deals. I'm trying to go at least 1 hour or 30 minutes earlier so I can be one of the first ones there. I just hope that it goes by fast and I'm not there all night." -Edgar Diaz (11)

"What I'm going to do for black Friday is go to Best Buy. I'm going to buy myself all the games and some new systems and a new phone as well. I'm going to have to sleep there for 1 days at least because Best Buy gets crazy with all the good deals. I know for a fact that people are going to be there for at least 3 days earlier. The line is going to be very long like every other year." -Joaquin Moreno (11)

"For black Friday I'm going to stay home because I'm not trying to die with all the ladies pushing to get a certain thing. This is going to be one of my first times staying home on black Friday. But if I were to go I would go like to go to Best Buy to get some new systems." -Julian De Leon (12)

" For black Friday I like to go to Best Buy and Victoria's Secret. I usually camp out 1 day earlier with my sister at Best Buy because the line is crazy. I really want a new phone and a new tv for my room." - Yoselin Hererra (12)

"I go to San Jose to shop for black Friday. I like going to Hollister, Victoria's Secret and H&M. I usually go over there when were done eating. So, I guess I wouldn't call myself an early bird. I'm hoping to get jackets from Hollister because there is going to be a huge sale. I just really want to go to Hollister because Santa Maria doesn't have one and I like their jeans and their clothes." - Jackie Villa (11)

"I'm going to Kohl's, Best Buy and Macy's. I've never been at the stores very early, I've gone late but this year I want to go early to get better things and better deals. At best buy I want to get a new phone and I also want a new bed. I'm planning to shop here in Santa Maria and maybe San Luis." - Kassandra Mendoza (11)

Thanksgiving Traditions

-Andrea Meza & Domonic Ponce

Many families across United States celebrate Thanksgiving. But not every Thanksgiving dinner is the same.  This week we interviewed people on what some of their Thanksgiving Traditions and what they're most thankful for.

"My biggest family tradition for Thanksgiving is making a turkey and going black friday shopping. I will be spending Thanksgiving this year at my house because I'm in the comfort of my own home so I can eat in sweat pants. Yes I will be making a turkey this year along with a delicious savory ham. What am I most thankful for? Well I'm thankful for a lot of things, but 3 major things I am thankful for is good health, family, and my friends." - Britney Cuellar (12)

"The biggest tradition I have or what basically everyone has is having family gatherings and just enjoying each others company and of course EATING!! I will be spending Thanksgiving at my grandma's house this year and to join my cousins in our big soccer game we play every holiday season. My grandma, mom, and all of my tia's will be making Turkies, along with all of the delicious mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, and dessert. One of my favorite things about our traditions is that we all join hands around the dinner table and pray and after we pray we share what we are most thankful for. What I am most thankful for is good health and my family." - Natalia Guzman (11)

"Some traditional thanksgiving dinners at my house are very busy. There are people cooking in the kitchen, people setting up for dinner, kids playing around the house, and a lot of talking. I feel like this years thanksgiving is not really important to some people. A lot of people are already preparing for Christmas and forgetting about thanksgiving. Thanksgiving may not be everyone's favorite holiday but it sure is mine, because it's a holiday where we are thankful for the things that occur in life even the smallest things that happen. I'm thankful for another year of health and being alive." -Merideth Santana (10)

"I plan on going to spend Thanksgiving with my family and going Black Friday shopping. A family tradition we do is going to one of my family members house in Arroyo Grande and having a feast there. We also pray every year in a prayer circle before we eat. I will not be making a turkey but someone else in my family will, but my mom makes the best Mac and cheese recipe for thanksgiving! So I’m really looking forward for that. I’m thankful for my family especially now because my grandma has been in and out of the hospital since August and it’s just been really stressful but I know thinking positively is the best thing we can do." - Angelina Canderlario (12)

"I don't have any traditions at my house with my family. We celebrate thanksgiving differently each year, so its never a tradition. I'm thankful for the sacrifices that my parents make to get food on the table for my siblings and I. I honestly feel blessed and happy to have such an amazing family." Joel Gomez (11)

"My family traditions are cooking and family gatherings. On Thanksgiving day, us girls stay in the kitchen and cook all day, while the guys go play football outside. This year I will be celebrating Thanksgiving at my aunts house. Another traditon we have is at dinner, we always sit at one large table even the kids and pray before we eat. After we eat we are all in a food coma because of all of the food we ate. Most of my family doesn't go home till super late at night because we are all having such a good time visiting with relatives that we normally don't see often. Yes I will be making a turkey. And what I am most thankful for is my family." - Karen Pacheco (11)

"A traditional thanksgiving at my house is a loud, loving, and thankful atmosphere. Filled with food, some music, basketball games all day, and family. I'm not with all my family members since I just moved here, but I'm still thankful for my parents. It'll just be different not having all my aunts, and cousins around me. I'm thankful for the gift to play basketball, my parents, family, friends, and my health." Taylor Burns (12)

Vanesa Gomez Signing

-Mariah Arellano

Recently our very own Vanessa Gomez (Senior) has recently signed her letter of intent for a Sports Scholarship to North Western University in Orange City, Iowa! Vanessa has worked so hard to pursue her dream of playing college Softball and now can finally say “I did it!” All her Coaches, Staff, And teammates are extremely proud of her and all her accomplishments.  She was emotional when giving her thank you speech to her family and coaches.

How do you feel right now accomplishing your goal? Who has helped you get to this point? What can you say to the younger Teammates and fellow students?

"I would like to thank those without them this achievement wouldn't have been possible- my family, Coach Chris Natchitgal (NWC), the USA Phenom Organization and Chris and Pat Star at Physical Therapy. I feel so accomplished after the countless hours of drills, practice and work that went into honing my game and everything about it. It's surreal to know that I'm going to be a collegiate athlete. It was worth all the sacrifice and dedication both in and out of the classroom to make my dream become a reality.  For my fellow classmates and youngins’ I want to tell you to keep pushing! No matter how much you want to stop keep pushing! Your biggest thing from stopping you is yourself!”- Vanessa Gomez (12)

What Are You Thankful For?

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s a time for our PVHS panthers and staff to take a one-week break and enjoy time with our families for a while.  And also, a time for our Thanksgiving dinner with friends, family, and our closest people. Some of us might even celebrate with Thanksgiving NFL football.  Also, it’s a time to tell people what we are thankful for.

Some of us might be thankful for our friends, families, loved ones, co-workers, neighbors, or for the teachers that might also be thankful for their wonderful students. To be thankful for a certain person, you have to show them how much you appreciate them.  Don’t just be that person who just calls or talks to that person once every Thanksgiving and say "oh I'm very thankful for you." Show your appreciation to that person, and don’t be a stranger to that someone.

-Daniel Rodriguez and Jose Perez

"Honestly, I'm thankful for my boys and my family" -Jaiden Reyes (12)


"What I'm thankful is my family, my friends, and the food they serve. It's really good!" -Santiago Erazo (12)

Orlando Lazaro (11) - "I'm very thankful for my family, especially for my mom and dad. They're the reason why I want to be in the ranchero with my family. Plus, they're hard work in la pesca (the fields) gave me encouragement to work with them in la pesca. I'm also thankful for the music of Ariel Camacho (r.i.p), it gets me going whenever I'm with the homeboys and also working in the fields with the local friends/coworkers. I'm also thankful for the food that’s going to be served at the dinner table, tamales all day bro."

Josue Chavez (11) - "I'm very thankful for the people I love, they all made me the way I am and they encourage me to do my best in anything. I'm also very thankful for soccer because why not, am I right?"

Matthew Fergenson (11; right) - "I'm very thankful for my friends, all of them are the realest ones and they all take care of me no matter what. Anything I need to talk about or just in general to hang out, they are all the best and the coolest."

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