Pioneer Valley HS

October 25, 2017

Issue 48, Vol. 3


Wed-Th    Oct 25-26    TBA    V Tennis League Finals
Thurs    26-Oct    3:00    Xcountry @ SB County Champ (River Park)           
Thurs    26-Oct    5:00    FR Football vs Lompoc
Fri    27-Oct    4:00    JV Football @ Santa Ynez           
Fri    27-Oct    7:00    V Football @ Santa Ynez

Sports & Activities




Varsity Volleyball Hopeful for Next Season

-Charlotte Ionata

The volleyball program at PV has had a difficult time competing with the teams in their league for the past couple of years and so have a couple of the teams in the Los Padres league. Both leagues have decided to create two separate leagues with the top four from The Pac 8 league. The Los Padres league go into a separate league and the bottom four teams from both leagues into another league. They decided to create new leagues because the same teams from each league would always come out on top repeatedly. The athletic directory wants to give the teams on the bottom a chance to no longer be at the bottom and to play against teams that are at the same skill level they are at. The Ocean league—that PV is moving into—has high schools that most PV sports don’t normally play against in their league games.  


“For next season if I make varsity I really want to become a better hitter and I want to work on encouraging people and become an all-around player.” -Andrea Nunez (10th)

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“I would want to be more comfortable with the team because during tournament I didn’t really talk to any of the varsity at the beginning. I hope to improve on the things I already now like blocking and hitting.” -Sinai Sanchez (9th)

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“With the league realigning I expect more competition from all schools who are being put in the same league. For years the same schools would be victorious while other teams had no chance. I’m looking forward to watching our Lady Panthers fight and bring home some wins and possibly a trip to a CIF playoff.” -Ralph Quintana ( Coach)

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“For next season if I make varsity I really want to become a better hitter and I want to work on encouraging people and become an all-around player.” -Andrea Nunez (10th)

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Recently the girls' Varsity volleyball team went to a tournament in preparation for next season.  Along with the varsity team, they brought three girls, two from the freshman team and one from the JV team. Both coaches want to build a strong foundation to get ready for the new teams they will be playing against in the new league. The coaches and the players wanted this league change because it’s very difficult to have high hopes when you have lost to certain teams over and over again. Throughout the tournament the girls played against a lot of very good volleyball teams but they did come out with some victories along with better team spirit. During the tournament the girls got to know each other better to hopefully help with communication during the game. The girls and coaches are ready dominate next season.  

Panthers Optimistic about Dodgers Win

The World Series is underway for the Dodgers and the Astros! The Dodgers won the first game and will play again in Los Angeles tonight at Dodger stadium. The Astros have not been to the World Series since 2005 so they have a little dirt to dust off if they want to win and as for the Dodgers well, they have a lot of slack to pick seeing as they have not won a World Series title since 1988.  Both teams have been putting in lots of work towards this game, so we shall see who wins in this match up against the Dodgers vs. Astros.

"I am a Dodgers fan, I might watch the World Series and I feel like the Dodgers are going to win this. I feel like the Astros are going to do good but not as good as the Dodgers!! " -Armando Tamayo (12)

"I'm a really big dodgers fan. Wait let me rephrase myself... I AM THE BIGGEST DODGER FAN!!! I'm going to be watching the game on TV at my house. I think the Dodgers will do really good as they've been doing well so far in this post season. The Astros are a good team too so the games will probably be close and exciting."

-Lylah Sherrod (12)

-Domonic Ponce & Andrea Meza

"First off, I AM A DODGERS FAN!! I bleed blue, I've been playing baseball ever since I was 6 and I've been in love with the sport ever since! There is nothing that can stop me from watching this World Series. The LA Dodgers are going to win because they've had more wins in their season than the Astros have. The Dodgers haven't been to a World Series game since the 80's and the Astros have never won an actual World Series "title" ever in their baseball history. In all retrospect, I think the Dodgers will take it all the way. Astros suck. VIVA LOS DOYERS!!" - Jordan Vasquez (12).

"No, I’m not a Dodgers fan, people always talk smack that I’m a Giants fan but they can’t really talk smack because the Giants have two more World Series titles & more NL pennants, but I will be watching the World Series. The Dodgers seem to be having a good year, so if they keep up their game, they have a chance to finally win a World Series since the 80's. Whereas the Astros haven’t won a World Series so I’ll be kind of routing for them, and they also have had good season beating the Yankees 4-0 in the Post Season. So to sum it up, I’ll be routing for Houston". -Michael Lainez (12)

"I've been a Dodger fan since DAY 1. I have 20 alarms set for the game time so I don't miss it. I totally think the Dodgers will win the World Series and put the Astros to shame. The Astros are a strong team, but in all honesty, the Dodgers are just the faster, stronger, and younger team. Houston might not be able to match up to the dodgers." - Isaiahs Velasco (11)

World Series Survey!

Hey Panthers! Thank you so much for participating in our Baseball World Series survey!  To the 86% of our participants who selected Dodgers winning game 1, Congrats!  Last night's much anticipated game was a nail bitter with both Astros and Dodgers pitchers being at their best inning after inning.  Although the Astros had outstanding defense to back up their pitcher, they fell short offensively scoring only 1 run off a solo homerun in the 4th inning. The Dodgers on the other hand struck first with a 1st inning 1st pitch solo homerun by Chris Taylor putting dodgers in the lead! Later on in the 6th Justin Turner (NLCS MVP) hit a 2 run game winning homerun putting Dodgers in the lead 3-1! Clayton Kershaw, the Dodgers ace pitcher, did not upset either for he had 11 strikeouts within 80 pitches!  The Dodgers fought hard though the heat and pressure and came out on top in game 1 of the World Series with a final score 3-1. (Images provided by:,,

Don’t Forget you can still take the survey and let us know who you think is going to bring home a trophy and win the World Series!

-Mariah Arellano

Panther Band Sweeps Pismo Clam Festival Parade

-Tami Barnum

Congratulations to our Panther PRIDE Marching Band, Color Guard and Drum Major Jovany Medina who all came home with FIRST PLACE TROPHIES on Saturday from the Pismo Beach Clam Festival Parade!  Director Cindy Wehlander exclaimed, "This was the first time PVHS had attended this event, and now that they are the reigning champions, it won't be the last! Way to go Panther Band!

 Let's inspire hope for young people facing harassment. Come  to the stage Today at lunch to sign the pledge  to be an ally and show our LGBTQ students that we support EVERYONE at PVHS.

  See you there!

         -GSA Club