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Pioneer Valley HS

October 30, 2017

Issue 51, Vol. 3


Fri    3-Nov  4:00    JV Football @ RHS        
Fri    3-Nov    7:00    V Football @ RHS

Sports & Activities



Monday, October 30

Key Club - lunch - library

Bikers vs. Surfers Day


Tuesday, October 31

PV Smash - Lunch - Room 611

BSU - lunch - Room 603

Hallowmeme Day - dress up as your favorite meme - NO HALLOWEEN DRESS UP


Wednesday, November 1

FCA - lunch - Room 555

GLO Club - lunch - Room 551/552

Club Salsa Caliente - Lunch - Room 603

Old (11-12) vs. New (9-10) Day - 11-12 graders dress as senior citizens/9-10 graders dress as babies or toddlers - teachers - your choice~!

Thursday, November 2

Center Stage - lunch - Room 202

FCCLA - lunch - Room 5313

Health and Wellness Club - lunch - Room 605

Gold vs. Purple Day - dress in either gold or purple/NO "JINX" DAY!!!

Friday, November 3

Panther Pride Day

Panther Pride Rally at lunch in the amphitheater

School of Rock is opening for the public on November 3...performances will be November 3, 4, 9, 10, and 11, at 7 pm.  General admission tickets are $15,

students/senior citizens are $8.


Saturday, November 4

All Club Barbecue - 11 am - 3 pm - cafeteria

What’s Your Opinion on These Halloween Looks? Guys' Edition

Halloween is coming faster than we imagined. That means hanging out with friends, Halloween parties, candy and most of all dressing up. There are many costumes imaginable from creepy clowns to cultural appropriation. No matter how you plan on dressing, there is a plethora of costumes to choose from. Here are some guys and their opinions on Halloween costumes.

-Keydi Gracida and Stefanie Bribiesca

James Charles Pennywise Halloween Makeup look

“I would not recreate this look, I believe that this look is overdone, and not really creative.”- Allan Holguin (11)

Stitched Up Face Look

Special FX Makeup

“Yes, I would recreate this look if I had all the supplies it needs to do it. I feel like it would take me about a good 2-3 hours to do this. Heck yeah I can pull off this look. Hmm this Halloween I might just go out with and hang out with friends and then give out candy.” -Giovanny Gonzalez (12)

Real life comic book character Halloween makeup look

“I would definitely recreate this look on myself, I think this is a very creative look for Halloween. I’ve never seen this look being used by other people.” –Rudy Enriquez (11)

Face Off Ice-cream Man Look

“I think it looks dumb. I wouldn’t recreate it because I don’t understand why it has candy on it. Yes, I am dressing up for this Halloween. My girlfriend and I are going to watch a scary movie. That’s about it.” -Leo Ochoa (12)

Skeleton Zombie

Netflix Original Review: To the Bone

-Charlotte Ionata

To the Bone is a Netflix original movie about the struggles of eating disorders. This movie focuses on a twenty-year-old named Eli who struggles with anorexia throughout her teenage life, she has been to multiple support groups to help her but nothing has worked. She gets into the most expensive, well known treatment home. The treatment home takes a different angle than any other treatment house she’s attended, it might be for the better or the worse.  

To the Bone follows the ups and down of having eating disorders. I think it does a great job at demonstrating how people who have eating disorders live and how they think about things differently, especially food. The Movie also shows how they will do anything to not eat. To the Bone drags you into the story, you will get so enveloped into the movie you almost forget you are watching a movie. The actors and actresses do a great job at portraying kids with this mental illness. The writer of To the Bone, Marti Noxon, also struggled with anorexia in her earlier years so she knew what to write while also being aware of the struggles. The main character Lilly Collins—who plays Eli—struggled with an eating disorder in her teenage years. Both the writer and main character knew the struggles of this particular illness and I think that is what made the movie so real because they personally went through it themselves.


This movie was very serious at moments but there were instances of humor because Eli had a very sarcastic outlook on life. Though there is a lot of serious moments I don’t think they completely portrayed having an eating disorder the best they could. To the Bone almost romanticized having anorexia, they made it seem that you can live perfectly fine without eating the right amount of food every day. I don’t think that was the writer’s goal but movies nowadays tend to make everything look better than what it really is.


There was also some controversy during the making of the film because the main actress Lilly Collins—who has previously suffered from anorexia—lost twenty plus pounds to fit the role. The actress ended up looking like she was anorexic again which could have been very dangerous for her health. Overall, it was a great movie if you weren’t looking for an actual real-life anorexia story, To the Bone was the Hollywood version of eating disorders. I would give it a 7 out of 10 because it is a good movie to watch, but I don’t think it hits the audience hard enough with the consequences of not eating properly.  

“People losing weight for just a certain role is unhealthy because it is part of your job but you shouldn’t have to do that to yourself. Doing such a serious thing to your body like that could be very dangerous for the future.” -Izzy Cambronero (11)

How do you feel about the main actress losing weight just to play this role especially when she’s struggled with anorexia?

“It’s not healthy because it’s like taking drugs. The actor or actress is playing a role of a drug addict it should not have happened.” –Mia Placencia (11)

I think it’s sad that the actress felt the need to lose weight to play a role because they do have makeup and CGI and it’s unhealthy to put your body through the physical and emotional stress it also sets a bad example for the viewer.” -Alison Magni (11)

“I feel if she got skinny just to play a role she is putting her life in danger and I think she made a dumb decision. She could have played another role that had a positive impact on her life but at the end of the day it was her decision and I don’t fully agree with it.”

-Tony Guerreoro (9)

"I see it in two different aspects. On one side, it’s showing how the actress is strong enough to play the role and she has overcome anorexia. However, it’s showing how it could be dangerous for somebody who once was anorexic and then for them to lose a bunch of weight again and she could be thrown back into her old life style.” -Alyssa Mendez (10)

Missed the last Netflix Original review: 

-By: Stefanie Bribiesca & Keydi Gracida

Alivia: I don’t really wear too much makeup but, when I do I like to apply my makeup with the real techniques sponge. It’s more affordable than the Beauty Blender.      -Alivia Valdez (11)


Kayla: I also prefer the Real Techniques sponge because it is way more affordable and I really like how it applies my foundation on to my skin. –Kayla Tovar (11)

I don’t really wear makeup on a regular basis so I don’t have any favorite makeup products. But whenever I do wear any makeup I like using the Colorpop eyebrow pencil. It’s cheap and it lasts all day. - Perla Chavez (10)

I really like the Maybelline eyeliner, it doesn’t dry up as quickly as other eyeliner products. It’s very cheap and I definitely prefer to buy this eyeliner product instead of the other more expensive eyeliner products. –Abigail Leyva (11)

Sometimes there are some makeup products that you really love from high end brands but, can sometimes be a little hard to afford. Lucky for you we gathered a few products that can serve as dupes for those expensive high end products that you really love but hate wasting your money on.

The Beauty Corner

Sonia Kashuk Velvet lip crayons

Retail for $7.99 ea.

Available at Target

Instead of the Nars Velvet matte lip pencil

Retails for $26 ea.

Available at Sephora

We interviewed a few people and asked them what their favorite dupes were…

Revlon Photo Ready Insta-Fix foundation stick

Available at Walmart

Instead of the Bobbi Brown foundation stick

Available at Sephora

NYX Microbrow Pencil

Available at Target

Retails for $9.99

Instead of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

Available at Sephora

  • Catrice Re-Touch Light Reflecting Concealer

  • Available at Ulta

  • Price: $5.99

  • YSL Touch Éclat

  • Available at Sephora

  • Price: $42.00

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Available at Target

Instead of the Beauty Blender

Available at Sephora

Nyx Soft Matte lip cream in Cannes

Available at Target

Instead of the Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Lolita

Available at Sephora

Wet n wild shimmer palette

Available at Walmart

Instead of the Becca shimmering Highlighter

Available at Sephora

Revlon Highlighting Palette

Available at Target

Instead of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Available at Sephora

Flower Beauty on your mark liquid eyeliner

Available at Walmart

Retails for $5.93

Instead of the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner

Available at Sephora

Retails for $22.00

Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid liner

Available at Target

Price: $5.99

Instead of the YSL Eyeliner Effect FauxClis

Available at Sephora

Price: $34.00

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Setting Spray

Available at Target

Retails for $13.79

Instead of the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray

Available at Sephora

Retails for $30

Maybelline Master fix loose powder

Available at Target

Instead of the Make Up For Ever loose powder

Available at Sephora

Maybelline master Hi-Light

Available at Walmart

Instead of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder

Available at Sephora

“The zombie look is really creepy! Would I put it on myself? I would honestly. I think this would take me like 2 days. I still don’t know what I’m going to do for Halloween, but I am dressing up.” Alberto Aragon (12)

Here’s a link were we got our inspiration from!

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