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Pioneer Valley HS

September 29, 2017

Issue 31, Vol. 3


Fri    29-Sep    4:00    JV Fball @ Atascadero           
Fri    29-Sep    7:00    V Fball @ Atascadero           
Fri    29-Sep    3:00    Xcountry @ D Pueblos Invite
Sat    30-Sep    TBA    G JV Vball @ Nipomo Tourney           
Sat    30-Sep    TBA    G JV/V Hoops Milinda Parra Memorial

Sports & Activities


See you next week

Meet the Editor

We've met Kylia Harrison and gotten to know her a little better, but she is not the only editor. There are other editors and one of them is the Editor in Chief Zander Moreno. He is the big boss, he approves and edits stories. He also motivates the class to do better. He takes all the criticism from everybody. For reporters in the Panther Tales he is either hated for not putting in our stories or loved because he does put in our stories.  Zander is also a poet. He loves writing poems and has published a few on the Panther Tales. 

-Eldanabi Delgado

“I run the whole class, I mean not the ENTIRE class but most of the students there come to me to talk about organizing their articles or to approve of what is going to be publish. Dreadfully, yes it is a lot of work but I manage to push through all my other classes to make time for the Panther Tales; even if it causes stress, I love the class with my whole soul because there are hard working people in there who love writing, I am one of them. I do recommend this class to returners next year if you are pursuing a career in journalism or writing or want to contribute in any way to your high school involvement. One of my hobbies is writing poetry, I publish most of my poetry on the Panther Tales and have been able to see my growth since my freshman year when I entered the class. Another interesting thing about me is that I also paint and (intermittently) play the violin, I really love my friends and believe they deserve the world and the love they get because they are precious. Also, I love the Panther Tales more than I love myself!”  - Zander Moreno (11)

Survey Results for iPhone X

The results are in from the iPhone survey, here is what you guys said: 73% are IOS and 27% are Android. 31% of you said the new iphone is worth $999 where as 69 percent said no. Many people prefer iphones, however, the majority believe the new iphone X just isn’t worth its cost. I have always preferred Android since I got my first cell phone but I don’t think it's worth $999 either! -Jonathan Hedlund

Varsity Tennis Hosts SLO's Mission Prep

-Jose Perez

Teachers & Guns Survey Results in --- Next Survey: Is Trump Racist?

This past Friday the PT’s ran a survey asking our readers if they thought teachers should be allowed to have guns on campus for safety reasons. The results are in: 51% of respondents said "yes" and 49% said "no".

For more information click:


I believe that teachers should be allowed to have guns on campus because there have been many school shootings in the United States. These teachers have not been able to do anything about it because they weren't prepared. There have been many lives taken away as the result of school shootings therefore teachers should be able to have guns to protect their students. I'm not talking about a normal gun that has actual bullets, but rather a non-lethal gun that will cause no permanent harm but still throw the criminal to the ground. -Diana Valenzuela Garcia


I know many students would love to see their teachers dueling at high noon but let's be practical about this situation. More than half of you want to put a gun in the hands of teachers? I don't think I would trust my teachers with a gun. I love my teachers but I'm not so sure about their mental stability. I understand that school shootings in America are unpleasantly common and teachers have to prepare for such hostile situations but putting a deadly weapon in the mix isn't the answer. There's better ways of handling those types of situations. Have tighter security on campus and have the trained professionals deal with the guns and safety precautions. I know in America we're all about our guns and our second amendment but keeping guns out of school is common sense. -Alasaundra Silva

Weigh in on next week's topic: Is the President Racist?

Frosh Panthers Put Greyhounds on the Run; Win 28-14

-Daniel Rodriguez

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